How the Flint water crisis has affected business

Back in 2016, The flint Businesses has seen some of the massive loss of revenues and damages due to the water crisis.

During that time, the president of the United States had to declare a state of emergency for this water crisis. As a result, the citizen of the city was eligible for the disaster aid from the federal fund. After a while, many actions were taken to make the supply of water much safer for Flint. But the damage the businesses took during that period was immense.

Most of the damage sustained by the businesses got no insurance coverage.

The whole thing started back in 2014. Before that, Flint user the water system from Detroit. But in 2014, they made the switch to draw water from the flint river. And without anyone’s knowledge, this led acidic water into various lead pipes. As a result, lead leaked into the drinking water channel through the city.

In the following months, the problem was noticed and flint switched back to the previous water system from Detroit in a hurry. But the damage was already made to the water system.

Thousands of residents already had been exposed to a dangerous amount of lead in their bodies. And the businesses that used lead plumbing faced corrosion from the Acidic level.

This resulted in an economic crisis that significantly impacted various businesses. Due to the flint water crisis, the businesses face a huge loss in sales and had to halt many operations. And the problems were even more serious for the hospitality businesses in the city.

Many restaurants and hotels had to close their operation for an uncertain amount of time. On the other hand, everyone had to buy bottled water for their daily use. The filter installation was a common cost that all the businesses had to face.

Even after the problem was solved, many businesses could not come back from the reputational damage they faced. Most of the restaurants that stayed open and opted for the new filtration system had to spend around 3000 US dollars for the installation process.

The reputational damage was something most businesses could not overcome. The health department has cleared Flint as a safe zone after the issues were resolved. But the media took a different path of portraying the city.

On most of the media stations, Flint was described as a war zone and a toxic contaminated hell. And due to this reason, everyone kept avoiding the place even after everything was fine.

General policies for business interruption did not cover the damage associated with the Flint water crisis as well.

Companies have later considered a new insurance policy that included lead damage in the paperwork. But the damage the businesses took could not be recovered in years.

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Technology can be the number one solution to prevent drought

Drought has become one of the most significant problems in the world. The agricultural industries are facing significant loss and drought due to various concerning factors. And according to the specialists, the major contributor to preventing drought will be nothing other than technology, through new agricultural innovations.

According to the Guardian, Drought is one of the costliest natural disasters in the world. But the great news is, with new technology and proper implementations, drought can be prevented and easily avoidable.

One of the most effective and simplest solutions in the form of a massive project is “rainfall storage”. This is done by storing rainfall water under every house in dire times, and later use it as a drinking source for everyone including the animals.

In commercial irrigation systems, sensor technologies are creating a massive change. The ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland is working on new ways to maximize the amount of water in various regions that are coherently dependent on the Ogallala aquifer.

USDA researchers have also worked for a long time on sensors that can detect the water level of the soil. The technology uses EM pulse as its main measuring tool.

The sensors emit an EM pulse after being placed on the ground. The Pulse travels through the soil and goes far down at a constant speed. Upon facing the waters, the speed of the pulse slows down.

The speed and the depth of the EM signal can later be used to calculate the soil water level with an accuracy level of over 90 %. When the water level is low, and soil needs water, the embedded technology can be used to automate the water pump.

Increasing irrigation efficiency

 We must understand that the amount of land that is used for irrigation purposes is massive. Due to this, even a small increase in efficiency can significantly change the course of drought and the overall yield.

Almost 70 % of the water consumption of the world is due to irrigation. So even a 1% efficiency can be a massive change in the right direction.

Netafirm is a tech firm that has been working for years in the efficient irrigation field. They have designed technologies that can help farmers to grow more and have better yields with less resource in the long run.

They offer tech solutions that can help a farmer to “Monitor, analyze and optimize every stage of every plant’s lifecycle”.

From automation on the repetitive process to gain deeper insights into crop health, farmers can now boost their profitability with the help of technology.

With up-to-date global intelligence and technological guidance on every small step, we can put an end to the drought and start a new journey on the path to better profit and yield.…

Will wave energy be the next big power source?

The energy crisis is not a topic to be taken lightly. Due to our limited chemical resources of the planet, people are opting towards renewable energy that has infante resources. And Wave energy is on the top part of the list of renewable energy.

Whenever we think about renewable energy, the first thing that comes into our mind is solar energy and turbines. Capturing energy from Wind and the Sun are some of the most common energy sources. These sources do not emit harmful gases like CO2 in the air or change the course of climate in a negative direction.

But one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to solar and wind energy is their lack of constancy. On the best days, we get an only half day of sunlight. And winds are not constant as well. Even though there are some places where winds are fairly consistent, it is very difficult to store those wind energies. And to solve all of these problems, wave energy comes into play.

The fundamental building block of creating energy is a rotational force on the turbine. The machine does not look at what energy is being used to make the rotation. As long as the turbine or fan rotates, we will get energy on the other hand.

And the ocean waves can easily be used to provide this rotational energy to the turbine to produce clean energy.

If you are someone who stays near the ocean, you already know that waves crash on the shore every single day at every single moment. The up and down motion can easily be used to provide the rotational energy in the prime mover to generate electricity. And the greatest news is that there are limitations to this resource.

The only obstacle we will face is the initial investment needed for the hydroelectric power station.

There are two ways wave energy can be used to generate electricity. The first is the pressure of the waves deep under the ocean along the ocean floor. Or we can also utilize the waves on the ocean surface. Both of them have the same goal. And that is transforming the potential energy or the momentum of the wave into rotational energy in the prime mover. Which can later be converted into Electrical energy on the Alternator.

Wave energy is much denser than the solar power we can harness from sunlight through solar panels. To compare, a square meter of solar panel can harness somewhere around 0.2 to 0.4 KW of power. On the other hand, every meter of the coast can receive almost 30 KW of power.

Research has shown that it is possible to produce almost 1000 tera watt-hour of energy every year in the United States alone.

And this is why Wave energy is on the road to becoming the next big power source throughout the world.…