Technology can be the number one solution to prevent drought

Drought has become one of the most significant problems in the world. The agricultural industries are facing significant loss and drought due to various concerning factors. And according to the specialists, the major contributor to preventing drought will be nothing other than technology, through new agricultural innovations.

According to the Guardian, Drought is one of the costliest natural disasters in the world. But the great news is, with new technology and proper implementations, drought can be prevented and easily avoidable.

One of the most effective and simplest solutions in the form of a massive project is “rainfall storage”. This is done by storing rainfall water under every house in dire times, and later use it as a drinking source for everyone including the animals.

In commercial irrigation systems, sensor technologies are creating a massive change. The ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland is working on new ways to maximize the amount of water in various regions that are coherently dependent on the Ogallala aquifer.

USDA researchers have also worked for a long time on sensors that can detect the water level of the soil. The technology uses EM pulse as its main measuring tool.

The sensors emit an EM pulse after being placed on the ground. The Pulse travels through the soil and goes far down at a constant speed. Upon facing the waters, the speed of the pulse slows down.

The speed and the depth of the EM signal can later be used to calculate the soil water level with an accuracy level of over 90 %. When the water level is low, and soil needs water, the embedded technology can be used to automate the water pump.

Increasing irrigation efficiency

 We must understand that the amount of land that is used for irrigation purposes is massive. Due to this, even a small increase in efficiency can significantly change the course of drought and the overall yield.

Almost 70 % of the water consumption of the world is due to irrigation. So even a 1% efficiency can be a massive change in the right direction.

Netafirm is a tech firm that has been working for years in the efficient irrigation field. They have designed technologies that can help farmers to grow more and have better yields with less resource in the long run.

They offer tech solutions that can help a farmer to “Monitor, analyze and optimize every stage of every plant’s lifecycle”.

From automation on the repetitive process to gain deeper insights into crop health, farmers can now boost their profitability with the help of technology.

With up-to-date global intelligence and technological guidance on every small step, we can put an end to the drought and start a new journey on the path to better profit and yield.